Buying a previously owned vehicle can be stressful! After all, it’s a big investment.

When you buy used, you don’t know anything about whether the vehicle was well cared for or how long it’s going to last. At least… that’s what many people think.

The truth is, buying from a great dealer can give you peace of mind you’re looking for. You can have the confidence of knowing you’re purchasing a dependable vehicle without having to worry about the depreciation that comes with buying brand new.

Still, it’s smart to understand how to protect yourself. When it comes time to purchase your next pre-owned vehicle, keep these tips in mind. 

How to Avoid Buying a Lemon 

There are laws in place to protect consumers from buying unsafe or defective vehicles. However, they may not do as much as you think. For example, the state of Pennsylvania has an “Automotive Lemon Law,” but it only applies to new vehicles. 

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, also known as the “Federal Lemon Law,” covers used vehicles, as long as the defect occurred while the vehicle was still under the Manufacturer’s Original Warranty or a dealer’s written warranty. If a vehicle has serious problems after the warranty has expired, the buyer may find themselves out of luck. 

Since the protections under these laws are limited, it’s important to take precautions when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. Following are some tips to help ensure you don’t get stuck with a lemon. 

  1. Take your time – buying a vehicle is a big commitment, so don’t jump into it too quickly.
  2. Research the vehicle – learn as much as you can about the vehicle you’re considering, including safety ratings and performance statistics. Websites like Consumer Reports, Edmunds, and Car and Driver are all excellent resources. 
  3. Check out the dealership – before you head over to the dealership, check them out and make sure they have a stellar reputation. Take a look at their Google reviews, comments on social media, and the Better Business Bureau. 
  4. Take it for a test drive – no matter how great a vehicle looks, always take it for a test drive. Also, don’t just drive it around the block. Make sure you take the car on a highway so you can drive it at different speeds and under various conditions.
  5. Review the Title History – websites like CarFax and AutoCheck offer detailed information about a vehicle’s history for a small fee. Purchasing one a report will help you find out if the vehicle has been in an accident or flood or if the odometer has been rolled back. 

While all of these tips will help ensure you don’t get stuck with a lemon, the best thing you can do is start your shopping excursion at a dealership you know you can trust. 

Battaglia Auto: Your Premier Pre-Owned Dealership 

Battaglia Auto is your premier pre-owned dealership in Plymouth Meeting, PA. We pride ourselves on quality, honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Every car, truck, and SUV on our lot goes through a rigorous pre-sale inspection by multiple members of our team. We ensure that the vehicle is in prime working condition and test drive it to ensure that it’s up to par. If we wouldn’t drive the vehicle ourselves — or give it to one of our loved ones — then it doesn’t make it onto our lot.

When you buy a vehicle from Battaglia Auto, you can have the confidence of knowing you’re buying a high-quality vehicle that will last for years. Take a look at our inventory online then stop by our dealership for a test drive!